The Lunker Lodge Resort in Georgetown and the Ocklawaha Outpost have boats to rent. The Lunker Lodge is about seventeen miles by water from Buckman Lock. The Ocklawaha Outpost in Eureka only rents canoes. The Lunker Lodge's prices are reasonable if you don't mind the long trip into Rodman. They also rent cabins at a reasonable price.

The Ocklawaha Outpost is convenient if you wish to stay in the southern sections of the reservoir and prices are not too bad - about $30.00 per day. However, if you wish to take the Outpost's boats into the northern portion of the reservoir the price goes up to $36.00 per day and there is a $25.00 pick up fee unless you paddle all the way back to the outpost at Eureka.Take a leisurely ride through Rodman.

Make arrangements for someone to launch you at Eureka and then pick you up at Rodman Campground Landing.

You will float through the riverine zone with its wooded banks and towering cypress trees. See hundreds of foraging wading birds in the meadows. See ospreys, herons, anhingas, cormorants and perhaps a bald eagle in the transitional zone. The pool is home for thousands of ducks during the winter months. Of course, 'gaters, otters and other critters can be seen anywhere.

The trip will take between four and eight hours. Don't forget lunch and plenty to drink. A port-a-potty is a good idea. This is wild country. There are no minute markets and no portalets along the way.Ramps at Rodman and Kenwood locations have all ready been discussed.


Boat launching from Eureka east or west boat ramps provides access to the upstream portion of Rodman. Both ramps are good concrete ramps, but the eastern ramp is very steep and remote. Eureka west is most often used by the local residents, but parking is somewhat limited.

Kenwood is by far the most developed of the boat ramp recreational areas. We hold our annual bass tournament at Kenwood.

Cypress Bayou is a fisherman's ramp. It is remote, but safe. From the landing, you enter Rodman's aquatic meadows through a quarter mile long canal. Fishermen using shiners for bait like this landing because it is close to the vegetation beds under which the bass hide.

Orange Springs landing has a good ramp and good parking. The channel from the ramp leads into Orange creek. Small boats can navigate up stream on Orange Creek or travel through the Orange Creek delta and enter Rodman at it's north western corner.


Lunker Lodge Resort
Ocklawaha Outpost
Lake Ocklawaha RV Resort

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