Two good hiking trails are near Rodman. The Florida National Scenic Trail winds north and south through the Ocala National Forest. It follows Rodman's south shore , crosses the Ocklawaha River at Rodman Dam and crosses the Cross Florida Barge Canal at Buckman Lock.

A trip to Buckman Lock is a pleasant junket whether you are hiking or just want to do something a little different. Boats lock through on the hour and on the half hour. There is an observation platform where guests can get a good view of the locking operation. The lock is most active on days when a large bass tournament is launching from Palatka.

The St. Johns Loop Trail's start and finish is just South of Buckman Lock. It is about a two mile hike.

A two mile long equestrian trail also starts and ends south of Buckman Lock.

Both the St. Johns Loop trail and the Equestrian trail starts from a large park with plenty of parking, picnic tables and port-a-lets. The park is located within sight of Buckman Lock. This provides good security and a place for contacting emergency help.

What the Community Thinks

“May we never see this wonderful reservoir destroyed!”

Bob & Kae Andry

“Looking forward to the many future uses of Rodman Reservoir”

The Watkins Family

“It is my privilege to be a sponsor of the Rodman Review and to aid in the retention of Rodman Reservoir”

Lucy Hudson

“Looking forward to many more years of fishing fun. Save Rodman Reservoir!”

Vickie & Leon Carangi